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Smart Contract Auditing/Writing

Most of Blockchain-based platforms and businesses trying to integrate blockchain, at some points, need to write and audit smart contracts. Smart contract is a software code that stores and executes the rules or terms of an agreement. What makes a smart contract preferable to a normal contract in the physical world is that the first remove reliance on a third party.

Writing and auditing a smart contract, however, where millions of dollars are at stake can be very challenging. You have to take into the account both logical and legal issues. JAZR's expert team overviews your smart contract meticulously of even if you do not have already smart contract, our smart contract developers can also translate the conditions of your contract into the codes of a smart contract.

Mashine Learning Development

It is not easy to identify whether and how your business can apply machine learning to business problems. We give you advice on business use-cases of ML. In case that ML is applicable to your business, then our developers will help you in building an ML application whether it is for social media services or online customer supports or search engines etc.

Dapp Developing

Decentralized application, known as Dapps harness the blockchain to be open source, decentralized and generate tokens for fueling itself. In this way, the services are not controlled any more by any single company and inside transactions are not mediated by any third party.

A Dapp can be something that revolutionizes your business. We help you in structuring and developing a decentralized app based either on an already existing platform or from scratch.

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Architecting Blockchain Solutions

There are many use-case scenarios for blockchain technology. By using blockchain, you incentivize better you customer, bring transparency into your business and reduce fraud and man-made mistakes.

Our blockchain experts help you to develop a full-fledged blockchain-based project commensurable to your needs and your business's specifics. Even if you do not have any clear idea how to begin, we hold meetings to examine blockchain business scenarios. We walk you through the whole process from start to finish, from ideation through testing to final implementation.

Asset Management Advisory

We help you to structure and grow your assets by providing an insight into both traditional and alternatives asset markets (Such as cryptocurrencies). Through in-depth structure analysis, we will assess your objectives and risk tolerance to offer innovative investment solutions for asset allocation. Our team support you wherever you are and regardless of your investment activity.

Financial/Legal Advisory

We provide comprehensive financial advice to companies and individuals to secure low risk investment for high return. We support entrepreneurs and startups in financing venture capital, companies in investing in disruptive technologies and individual investors in developing a sound strategy, monitoring and managing their investment.

In partnership with experienced financial lawyers, we examine regulatory and compliance risk at your investment. As an example, there are many legal risks to cryptocurrency investors. In this case, our lawyers and professionals, who are up-to-date with on the relevant case law, help you in complying with the local regulation.

About Us

Consisting of an expert team with a wide variety of partners, Jazr Company is dedicated to lead people into disruptive technologies notably blockchain. So far, we have provided our clients from all over the world with optimized mining software, payment solutions for their own business, consulting services and a great trading platform to trade on a high volume market.

To be a startupper, with whether a small or big business model, in a highly competitive and ever-changing technology such as blockchain, you need a wide range of expertise in technical issues to financial/legal ones. We help you to get the lead out and back you up throughout the whole process from ideation to actual implementation.

To bring the blockchain into your business, we examine meticulously all aspects of the client's business to come up with the best possible solution for successful integration. Rather than simply selling software, we consider it as a long-term partnership.

To manage their assets, our clients receive an in-depth structure analysis. We will assess their objectives and risk tolerance to offer innovative investment solutions for asset allocation. We back them up with our up-to-date knowledge of markets so that they would not miss any new opportunity.

If you are willing to disrupt your business or to grow your asset, Jazr can be a good partner for you.

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